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Hanna is a set, costume and lighting designer based in Berlin and Dublin.

She holds a BfA in Stage Design from the Toneelacademie Maastricht, NL and an MFA in Theatre Design, from the Trinity College Dublin, IRL. Hanna also studied Production Design for Screen at the Wimbledon College of Art in London, as part of her Undergraduate Degree.

She has designed for stages and screens across Ireland and Germany, incl. the national Opera in Bonn.  Most recent she has worked as a Production Designer for RTÉ (Irish National Broadcaster), where her credits incl. The Tommy Tiernan Show and The Late Late Toy Show.

For more information, email me or download CV here.


Production Design for Screen

2019-2020  RTÉ  I  Production Design  I 

                        Credits incl. The Late Late Toys Show, The Tommy Tiernan Show, Prime Time, Leaders Debate 2020, The Claire Byrne Show,

                        The Ray Darcy Show, Winning Streak, Sunday Mass

2019-2020   Fair City  I  TV Series  I  Production Design  I  RTÉ

2013   The Programm  I  Short Film  I  Set Design for Short Film I  Director Graham Theakston

2013   Seventeen Nights  I  Short Film  I  Production Design, Art Department & Set Builder for Short Film  I  Director Ben Fredericks  



Set , Costume and Lighting Design

2019  Vintage Salon  I  Schauspiel Stuttgart  I Event Creator, Production Designer and Producer  I  Bi-Annual Event

2019  Theater Trifft Wirklichkeit  I  Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Set Design  I  

2018-2019  Late Night  I  Kammer Theater Stuttgart  I  Set and Costume Design  I  Monthly Event

2018   Babel  I  NORD  I  Set and Costume Design  I  Directors Maria Winter and Tobias Rapp

2018   IMPULS Moby Dick  I  NORD  I  Set Design  I  

2017-2018   Die Stunde  I  NORD  I  Set Designer  I  Monthly Event

2017   Gladys and the Gutter Stars   Smock Alley - Boys School  I  Associate Designer  I  Rachel Gleeson and Cameron Macaulay

2017   These Lights  I  The Lir  I  Set and Costume Designer  I  Davey Kelleher

2017   Collected Stories  I  Viking, Civic, Riverbank and Dolmen Theatre  I  Set and Lighting Designer  I  Aoife Spillane-Hinks

2016   Glowworm  I  Project Arts Centre  I  Set, Costume and Lighting Designer  I  Davey Kelleher

2016   The Aeneid  I  Smock Alley  I  Set and Lighting Designer  I  Dan Colly

2016   Creditors  I  The New Theatre  I  Lighting Designer  I  Aoife Spillane-Hinks

2015   BOY  I  Smock Alley and Studio Bühne Cologne  I  Set and Lighting Designer  I  Sean Kennedy

2015   The Windstealers  I  Smock Alley  I  Lighting Designer  I  Anushka Senanayake

2015   Lady Play  I  Scene and Heard  I  Lighting Designer  I  Davey Kelleher

2015   Pornography  I  The Lir  I  Set, Video and Lighting Designer  I  Davey Kelleher

2014   Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten in Neuen Abenteuern  I  National Opera Bonn I Set Designer  I  Bärbel Stenzenberger

2012   Zombie - Or I Never Want To Get So Old Again  I  National Theatre Bonn  I  Set Designer  I  Aleksandar Acev

Design Assistant and Art Department

2019-2020   Fair City  I  TV Series  I  Art Director and Set Decorator  I  RTÉ

2019   100 Songs  I  Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Roland Schimmelpfennig

2019   Der Menschenfeind  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Designer Wolfgang Menardi

2019   Imaginary Europe  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Oliver Frljić

2018   Die Weber  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Georg Schmiedleitner

2018   Romeo und Julia  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Oliver Frljić

2018   Publikumsbeschimpfung  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Martin Laberenz

2018   Der Steppenwolf  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Philipp Becker

2017   Moby Dick  I   Schauspiel Stuttgart  I  Assistant Set Designer  I  Director Jan-Christoph Gockel

2017   Margeritha  I  Wexford Opera Festival  I  Assistant Set and Costume Designer  I  Designer Stefan Rieckhoff

2017   Carmen  I  National Opera Oldenburg  I  Assistant Costume Designer  I  Designer Stefan Rieckhoff

2015   Contractions  I  Bewelys Theatre  I  Prop Maker and Set and Lighting Assistant  I  Designer Aedin Cosgrove

2015   My Child  I  The Lir Theatre  I   Prop Maker and Set and Lighting Assistant  I  Designer Aedin Cosgrove

2015   Coppelia  I  National Ballet Ireland  I  Art Department and Prop Maker  I  Designer Lorna Ritchie

2015   Chekov's First Play  I  Samuel Beckett Theatre  I  Lighting Assistant  I  Company Dead Centre 

2013   Amar, Akbar & Tony  I  Feature Film  I  Art Department Assistant  I  Production Designer Damien Creagh

2013   Rauða Hettan  I  Short Film  I  Set Dresser  I  Director Sam Morden


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