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Vintage Salon

Venue:      Schauspiel Stuttgart

Created:   10th - 17th Sept 2016

Role:         Event Creator and Manager


Vintage Salon was created as a collaborative space for theatre fans and non theatre goers to meet. A chance to open our doors to new potential audience members in a more casual setting. To connect with these people and get feedback on why people do and don't go to the theatre today. But also show the world what we do and give them a little taste of magic and fun.

The event was set up as part flea and vintage market, part costume sale from the archives, part interactive crafts tables, part exhibition.
There was knitting corners with tea and cake, diy origami mobiles, design your own temporary tattoos stand, reading sofas, a free Prosecco for everyone, and many more.
We expected 600 and ended up with over 3000 visitors. The Vintage Salon is now a bi annual event.

Creative team

Hanna Bowe - Christina Schlögl - Sofie Anton

vintage salon poster .jpg

Images provided by Schauspiel Stuttgart)

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