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Gladys and the Gutter Stars

Production Shots

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Created by Rachel Gleeson and Cameron Macaulay


Cast: Rachel Gleeson, Shane Daniel Byrne,  Cameron Macaulay, Breffni Holahan

Producer: Grainne Pollack

Associate Designer: Hanna Bowe

Lighting Technician: Ferdia Cahill

Associate Lighting Designer: Cillian McNamara

Sound Design: Kevin Gleeson

Costume Design: Emma Gleeson


12 Sep 2017

The Irish Times

The surreal arrival of Gladys herself rouses deeper anxieties. This could easily have been a vapid defence for naval-gazers but instead we get something more discreet, the trudge of a generation asked to work for free. With sparks of rock’n’roll, the Gutter Stars carry on.

12 Sep 2017

The play’s climax showcases the theatricality of this small company. The beautiful setting of the Boy’s School at Smock Alley is not wasted. As the script delves deeper into the bizarre, the unique sound and lighting design of Gladys come to fruition.

12 Sep 2017

No More Workhorse

The best types of public interviews are sometimes the ones that go horribly, horribly wrong. Such is the case where Shane Daniel Byrne plays the host of a podcast where he interviews two members of the trio Gladys and the Gutter Stars in front of an audience. However, there is no Gladys, just Rachel (Rachel Gleeson) a singer and Cameron (Cameron Macaulay) who plays guitar and sings. Gladys is a mysterious figure who the assembled audience are fascinated with from her first mention.  In a space surrounded with music instruments, microphone stands and lots of candles and lamps, the mood is set for Shane to interview the band and discuss their work on their new album. This is an album developed in sunny Brittas bay, the heartland of where all great pioneering music is made.

12 Sep 2017

Hot Press

The story tells how, in a strange turn of events, Gladys, the group’s enigmatic front-woman, has not been heard from in the six months following the album’s release. Rumours abound. As the blurb explains, "Some say she is now a snorkeling instructor in Palau. Others say that she is simply down in Cork. Perhaps the two remaining Gutter Stars might shed some light on the mystery? Or perhaps deepen it?"

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Show:    'Gladys and the Gutter Stars'

Venue:   Smock Alley Theatre / Boys School

Run:       11th - 17th Sept 2017

Role:      Associate Designer


It has been a time of soul searching for Gladys and The Gutter Stars. They have stowed themselves away for months in seclusion, working on their hotly anticipated new album.
Rumours abound. Some say it will be released on floppy disk. Others, that it consists entirely of whale song.
Whatever the case may be, you’re invited to a sneak preview of their work thus far.
This performance marks their extremely self-assured step back into the limelight. They’re a phoenix rising from the ashes: majestic, but a bit confused about how they got here.

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